Homemade pate with cranberry sauce, pear chutney and fresh bread 109,-

Carpaccio of sirloin with herbs and spices, served with rucola, Parmesan cheese and toasted toast 159,-

Sirloin slices „ZLATÉ RUČIČKY“ (served on a hot pan with green pepper, rosemary, toast and parmesan cheese) 189,-


Strong broth of beef rib with liver dumplings, noodles and vegetables 55,-

Soup of the day 55,-


Caesar salad with chicken meat - Roman lettuce leaves, croutons, pancetta, Parmesan shavings, home-made anchovy dressing and grilled chicken breast 189,-

Caesar salad with prawns - Roman lettuce leaves, croutons, pancetta, parmesan shavings, home-made anchovy dressing and grilled shrimps 219,-

Roasted goat cheese with gingerbread on chopped salads with cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, nuts and home-made orange dressing 209,-


Fillet of zander fish on leaf spinach served with rosemary potato garnish and roasted parsley sauce 299,-

Grilled salmon with potato carrot puree, butter broccoli and white wine sauce 279,-

Czech cuisine

¼ or ½ ducks roasted in old Czech style with bread and carlsbad dumplings and red cabbage with apples 229,-/319,-

Braised beef pulp on red wine with root vegetables, served with potato pepper and baby cabbage on bacon 229,-

Pilsner beef goulash with bacon dumplings and onion 169,-

„Svíčková“ in cream vegetable sauce with beef roll, bread dumplings and cranberry 189,-

Old Bohemian bastion (pork shoulder, smoked pork, sausage) red and white cabbage, bacon dumplings and potato pancakes 239,-

Chicken or pork fried steak with potato salad and lemon 189,-

Roasted pork knee on black beer, served with mustard, horseradish, sauerkraut salad and fresh bread 249,-

Grilled smoked pork ribs with homemade marinade, served with mustard, horseradish, pickled cucumber and fresh bread 229,-

Meat from the grill

Beefsteak with herb butter 389,-

Beef steak from the right sirloin with ham and fried egg 389,-

Beef steak bull black angus with leaf spinach, roasted potato salad and oyster mushroom sauce 349,-

Grilled pork tenderloin on bean pods with bacon and mashed potatoes with spring onion, pepper sauce 259,-

Pork neck steak with roasted potato jelly and Viennese onion 189,-

Grilled chicken breast with skin served with roasted zucchini, corn polenta and tomato sauce with thyme 199,-

Homemade cheeseburger „RUČIČKY“ of young bull minced beef with lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, caramelized onion, cheddar and bacon in butter brioche with homemade French fries and our sauce 239,-


Fresh pappardelle with dried tomatoes, garlic, rucola, pancetta and parmesan cheese 169,-

Spaghetti aglio olio peperoncino with parmesan 149,-

Vegetarian food

Fried cheese 99,-

Home-made potato gnocchi with red beet, rucola, mascarpone and goat cheese 179,-

Creamy risotto with mushrooms, rosemary and parmesan cheese 179,-

To beer and wine

Pickled camembert with onion and chilli pepper 79,-

Home-made pickled sausage slices 69,-

Tartar steak from sirloin, garlic toast 249,-

Potato pancakes with Sauerkraut 99,-

Variation of homegrown cheeses with olives and pastries 139,-

Home potato chips with dressings 89,-

Children´s meal

Fried chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes 99,-

Spaghetti with pork tenderloin and tomato sauce 109,-


Homemade apple strudel with warm vanilla cream 79,-

Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 79,-

Chocolate souffle with forest fruit sauce and ice cream 99,-

Vanilla cheesecake with chocolate 79,-